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School expectations


​The school leadership team recently presented the data from student and staff surveys about perceptions of school expectations, policies and procedures used to deal with positive and negative behaviour. The data will be used to pinpoint the areas of greatest need so that these can be addressed.

One significant finding straight up was that only 51.9% of the students and staff surveyed believed that we have a small number of positively and clearly stated and defined student expectations or rules. The remainder were not convinced that these were fully in place across the school. Our four expectations are:

  • Be an Active Learner 
  • Be Respectful 
  • Be Responsible 
  • Be Safe

We will need to work harder at ensuring everyone is clear about this.

Remember that the training and knowledge learned through SWPBS is about using data to identify strengths and areas requiring attention and using a team approach to find strategies and solutions to make our school community a better place.

Our first key team task was to come up with a statement of purpose for SWPBS which we have defined as:

Our purpose is to create a highly valued culture of shared understanding and beliefs that promotes excellence in academic, social and personal growth. This will be achieved through respectful, responsible and safe behaviours by active learners.

A powerful statement that I look forward to fulfilling as I know that by working together Blair State School has what it takes to be an outstanding school community providing the very best for our children.