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Visual Art
 Since 2010, Blair State School has been a leader in providing students with quality and connected experiences within the Visual Arts. Students at Blair are able to access a specialist teacher with dedicated lessons and spaces, enabling children quality time to practice and formulate their skills and techniques. Our Visual Arts curriculum, driven by the Australian, Curriculum, Assessment and Reporting Authority (ACARA), nurtures individual students to explore their creativity through the generation of ideas as well as their methodological skills but, more importantly, social skills that go along with being a part of something bigger than oneself.
Through the teaching and learning of Visual Arts, students at Blair have multiple opportunities to make wider cultural and community connections. Blair actively seeks interconnections between the Visual Arts and other key learning areas, welcomes and works with artists in residence, marks important days with Visual Arts experiences (NAIDOC and Remembrance Day) and actively maintains professional educative and artistic relationships with leaders in children’s education such as Primary Arts Network Ipswich (PANI) and the Ipswich District Teacher Librarian Network (IDTLN).
Our young Blair artists enhance their knowledge and understanding that artworks are visual texts which are rich in information, ideas and feelings. Their artistic compositions of this visual literacy can be decoded just as any written text with meaning by using the elements of arts. The language of line, colour, shape and texture is a powerful connective to a wide audience and allows a freedom for the children to express their emotions, knowledge and ideas in diverse and creative ways. The tradition of storytelling, both fiction and non fiction, is evident in the students’ carefully constructed work. Their visual texts are reminders that pictures can “paint a thousand words”. Students become familiar with visual artists and art movements to inspire their work and practise.
Whilst acknowledging student’s progress more frequently, our annual Arts Expo is an opportunity for the whole school community to engage in celebration. The end of year event allows students and their families, teachers, staff and the P and C to enjoy and celebrate the creativity which has been cultivated throughout the year. In 2017, we were proud to exhibit our young Blair artists’ works of paintings inspired by Australian Landscape artists.
Year 2 abstract painting inspired by Sally Gaboritract  


 Year 5 abstract painting inspired by Fred Williams